Verbal Assault

Format: Digital Video, Single Channel

Running Time: 4:10

Date Completed: 2009


Verbal aggression has been determined to be more damaging than
physical aggression. There are many sources to blame for verbal
aggression.  These include human nature, ethics, victimization,
abnormal psychology, and the mass media.  In the video “Verbal Assault”

The role of father and son are juxtaposed to show how a sons words
and level of aggression can mirror that of his father. Although the
father may care for his son, his way of conveying it is more
detrimental than it is helpful.  Through overlapping dialogue, you
also get a sense of the common fears society has placed on each
subject, and the frustration brought on by wanting achievement and


Installation View from Manifesta 8

Bienal Europea de Arte Contemporáneo.
“Región de Murcia (España) en diálogo con el Norte de África”.
Michael Paul Britto, “Verbal Assault”, 2009.
Curators Bassam El Baroni & Jeremy Beaudry “Alexandría Contemporary Arts Forum” (ACAF), Antigua Oficina de Correos y Telégrafos, Murcia.


Verbal Assault | 2010 | VIDEO