Cool Pose #1

Format: Digital Video, Single Channel

Running Time: 0:52

Date Completed: 2007


Cool-Pose #1 deals with issues of race and stigma, commenting on how
society shapes the behavior of young black men, who on their side play
the role created for them as a way of responding and challenging that
same society that marginalizes them. Inspired by the book by Richard
Majors and Janet Mancini Billson, Cool Pose: The Dilemma of Black
Manhood in America, the video compiles “collected behaviors associated
with portrayal of cool, disaffected, or gangsta-hip lifestyle,” as the
artist states, using the shadow as a metaphor to “blackness.” As a
projection, the video fosters interaction with viewers, who also
become part of the piece.



Cool Pose #1 | 2010 | VIDEO